Thursday, August 04, 2005

Six hours of Jim Babka ON AIR (July 16, 17, 23, 24)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve begun taking the considerable trouble of editing the shows so you don’t have to listen to all the commercials. Not sure how long I can keep this up. As you can see, it delays getting the shows posted. (I’m just looking for excuses).

For the third week in a row, I guest-hosted The Harry Browne Show. I had two callers and four emails. Topics covered: The neo-conservative Empire is crumbling; the Bush hypocrisy of condemning “torture chambers;” continued discussion of why the Constitution isn’t the best tool for selling small government; ACTION ITEMS = Patriot Act, Snitch Drug Bill, and CAFTA; also discussed disinformation campaign about health supplements. Also dealt with an unusual objection to Read the Bills.

Listen to hour one here and hour two here.

Then on my show the next day, I continued the Constitution survey and discussed the CAFTA Action Item and the health supplement disinformation campaign. Explained why I oppose CAFTA even though other free-market activists support it. The GOA Update was a Larry Pratt piece on a clever way to confound and drive gun-controllers out of a “free state.”

Regarding the Supreme Court, discussed why Ann Coulter was right about retiring Justice O’Connor (even if Ann does use a broomstick for transportation), and why I’m not the least bit interested in who the replacement will be. Oh, and I responded once again, this time doing a better job, to a rare objection to the Read the Bills Act.

I closed the show with a very unique question about Bono and African “debt forgiveness.” For this show I had no callers, and one email. But I didn’t care, I was on a roll!

You can listen to that episode of the Culture Repair Show here.

Then, the following week, I guest-hosted Harry Browne’s show again. The show was a somber one, and was dedicated to Harry Browne, who is quite sick and in the hospital, and to my father, for this would’ve been his 67th birthday. Consistent with that somber note, I talked about the war – particularly conservative Christian support of it. I contend that both the cruel War on Drugs and our failed foreign policy/the War in Iraq exist because they are supported by Christians. If these folks lived by their theology, then both wars would come to an end.

Laurence Vance, LewRockwell.com columnist and author of Christianity and War was my guest. We had six callers. Of all the shows I’ve done this far, I am proudest of this one (though the Chris Rufer interview was pretty-stellar as well) in that they provided information, in both a thorough and adult fashion, that you won’t get anywhere else, and the callers that responded contributed to the quality of the show.

Quality, educational listening is available at these links: First Hour & Second Hour.

And then, the next day I did more on the War on Drugs and THE War, particularly in Iraq – “War is the health of the State.” I covered things we didn’t have time to cover including, the horror of war, the moral arguments against the war on drugs and the war in Iraq. My GOA Update was an action item on Democrat/Gun controllers about to load up a pro-gun bill with anti-gun amendments. I had one email and two callers, including my most fun, confrontational, hysterical caller in the show’s short history.

I closed the show by giving reasons to be hopeful – how the nanny/warfare state is crumbling right now! And you can listen to this show here.

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