Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Laurence Vance, Christians, and War

Laurence Vance appeared on The Harry Browne Show when I guest-hosted on July 23. I said that by Monday I’d have the articles he’s written about Christians and War posted here. That would’ve been July 25th. Well, as this tardy blogger is getting used to saying, “Better late than never!”

The following list of articles is something with which every serious, God-fearing person should invest the time to read. If you think George W. Bush is a good Christian man and you support the war, and you haven’t read these articles, then I boldly say, you just haven’t thought about this issue Biblically yet. Yes, I meant that!

Here they are…

Think Christian was the piece that finally prompted me to call Vance and request an interview. In this piece he asks Evangelicals to do something truly novel – think! The thesis to this piece is that while the President (whom he quotes directly) elevates the military to “holy sacrosanct reverence,” it’s not a place you’d want to send your kids if your concerned about their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Throughout the show I quoted from Are You A Christian Warmonger?, while taking a page from Jeff Foxworthy. I would say, “You might be a Christian Warmonger if you believe…” and then I’d insert one of the 20 statements offered by Mr. Vance. The sad thing is, I’ve heard nearly everyone of them from my Christian friends.

Easily Vance’s two most provocative pieces (and for that reason, very important) are Should a Christian Join the Military and God Bless Our Troops?, in which Vance asks the pointed question, “Why should He?”

Here are a bunch of his other articles.

Christianity and War – the one that started it all and eventually led to a book.

Falwell’s Folly – February 2004 column responding to Jerry Falwell’s audaciously titled WorldNetDaily article, “God is pro-war,” suggesting that President Bush’s invasion of Iraq was Biblical.

The U.S. Global Empire and Guarding the Empire was an analysis of troop placement and strength, demonstrating that we were the largest empire in world history and true hegemonic power.

Christian Killers? – is it a contradiction in terms?

Christianity and War Revisited – just what is Vance’s new book about?

One wonders what Bible the aforementioned Christian Warmongers are reading? Perhaps these are their favorite passages: The Warmonger’s Beatitudes and The Warmonger’s Psalm.

The Christianity of George WMD Bush is a fruit inspection, as in, “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

Last but not least, two more articles that are longer essays that I highly recommend.

The Horrors of War documents just how awful, not glorious, war really is. Why would anyone want this?

And Vance’s very best work – his most original, in my opinion – is Charles Spurgeon on Christian War Fever. Baptists and Calvinists should take special note. The greatest Baptist preacher of all-time, was prolific on the subject of war and Christian support of “war fever.” Hint: He thought both were very terrible and un-Christian. [But then again, Spurgeon smoked cigars and enjoyed finer adult beverages, so what did he know? {Funny the things that twist Evangelical’s panties these days!}].

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