Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Magic Wand of Legislation

DC Downsizer Marv G. writes,
"My wifeand I have just sent this FAX to several members of Congress; you may wish to send a similar one:
We propose a sure-fire bill to control global warning: make volcanic eruptions and the emergence of ocean floor methane bubbles illegal. It may prove difficult to enforce these laws, but we have other such laws that previous sessions of Congress have passed.

A prime example are the laws that prohibit illegal immigration. Though several are on the books, they appear to be just as incapable of enforcement as the proposed global warming bill.

We will wait with bated breath the passage of the former and the enforcement of the latter, and will wonder in the meantime whether either will ever occur."

That's funny! But let's go one step further. Laws to stop immigration won't work, any more than the fictional law to prevent volcanoes from erupting or the all-too-real laws to stop narcotic drug use.

The immigration issue is one of dozens of symbolic issues designed to rile folks up, the solution to which is more government power. Symbolic issues distract us from the most important thing we need to do -- Downsize DC (reducing the size, scope, and power of the federal government).

Downsizing DC in this instance would mean, ending the war on immigrants, or as Marv helps us see, ending the expensive pretense of such a war (expensive because, after all, border patrols cost money and national I.D. cards will be used to steal our civil liberties).

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