Saturday, July 02, 2005

How Downsize DC will celebrate July 4

This was today’s Downsizer-Dispatch:

We have big news; a new tool for you. This is how Downsize DC will honor our nation's birthday...

Every July 4th Americans celebrate their independence. They hold parades, politicians march with veterans, and spectators wave the flag. But all these symbols seem to say that wars, politicians, and flags are what made America great. None of these things, however, are even unique to America. They are all too common, everywhere in the world.

What was unique about America's birth was the new nation's commitment to individual freedom. And America's greatness is proportionate to that freedom - even now.

Free people create great things. They have done so in the past, and they are doing so now. This is what the Downsize DC Foundation wants to celebrate on July 4th, and on every day thereafter.

That's why we're launching the new DownsizeDC.com on our nation's birthday. This new site will be the educational arm of the Downsize DC movement.

There will be two active Downsize DC websites. Downsize DC DOT ORG (DownsizeDC.org, Inc.) will continue to lobby to Downsize DC, while Downsize DC DOT COM (Downsize DC Foundation) will show people why DC _should_ be downsized... in the interest of Human Progress.

Because America's greatness is proportionate to America's freedom.

Our two Downsize DC websites will have different tones.

* Dot Org will often be negative, yelling "Stop" and
"Repeal" and "Cut" and "Shut down."
* Dot Com will largely be positive, celebrating the
great things free people do to make things better,
and the potential that greater freedom has to cause
even greater American greatness.

Many organizations lament the loss of freedom, as they should. And Downsize DC Dot Org joins in this lamentation, and fights against the trend. But the new Downsize DC Dot Com will celebrate and show what freedom is actually accomplishing, all around us.

There will be several running themes to what you will find on new Downsize DC Foundation website (DOT COM). Two of the most important will be "The Race," and "The More-with-less Revolution."

"The Race" is an unrecognized contest between the constructive power of freedom, and the destructive power of government. Freedom is producing miracles everyday, while government is wreaking havoc every day. Can freedom continue to create miracles and solve problems faster than government sows destruction? We will report on this titanic race between these two mighty and opposed forces - freedom and government.

But frankly, we're betting on freedom to win "The Race." And this is largely because of "The More-with-less Revolution."

Free people are finding new ways, everyday, to do more-and-more with less-and-less. This ever expanding increase in discovery, innovation, creation, and problem-solving is so-far vastly outstripping the harm done by government.

* Big Government takes more-and-more from us all the
time. But our quality-of-life improves anyway,
because freedom causes innovation that allows us
to do more-and-more with less-and-less, even
while our government pillages us.

* Big Government tries to control more-and-more
things all the time. But freedom constantly and
obstinately innovates to find new ways around
these new central-planning regulations, to render
them obsolete and pointless, and to actually solve
the problems the regulations were intended to
address (but almost never do).

Politicians fail but free people succeed. The State blunders, but sovereign individuals innovate. Big Government moves slowly, but Liberty moves fast. Bureaucracy is stagnant, but freedom evolves. Government does less-and-less with more-and-more, but the free-market does more-and-more with less-and-less. What our government destroys, our freedom fixes.

Or, as we’ve been prone to say, "Big Government hurts, while Liberty works."

We believe the miracles and progress caused by individual freedom will always remain slightly ahead of the destruction wrought by government. But a continued lead for freedom over government in "The Race" is not enough for us. We want to widen the gap. Because the greater the lead freedom has, the more Human Progress will result. We must... Downsize DC... in the interest of human progress.

At Downsize DC Dot Com you will learn about...

* The continuous and tremendous inventions and
innovations in health care and the environment
that will enable all of us to lead longer, younger,
and healthier lives.

* Wonderful solutions to the energy crisis that will
also reduce pollution.

* Innovations that will dramatically reduce
manufacturing costs, making even the most cutting
edge advances more accessible to everyone.

* Compassionate initiatives by churches, charities,
and civic groups that are going on each day, and
producing remarkable results.

* Private security solutions to deal with problems of
crime and terrorism.

And so much more.

Success for us is defined as bringing private solutions into the public mind in such a way that political "solutions" seem clunky, expensive, damaging, and far inferior by comparison - because we want freedom to win "The Race" by a mile.

Stay tuned, Monday's not far away!

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
President & Communications Director
Downsize DC Foundation

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