Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Culture Repair Radio Show Archives for June

Now, I'm on a roll. Here are the June programs of the Culture Repair Show, sponsored by my good friends at Gun Owners of America.

June 6 – This show was devoted to hot action items… 1) Judicial Appointments: Pryor unqualified. Janice Rogers-Brown not only qualified but amazing. 2) Get out of the World Trade Organization (Paul-Sanders Bill) – one big reason why Codex Alimentarius (food directives) attempt to steal your right to high-potency, non-prescription supplements. 3) James Senslessbrenner’s Drug War Snitch Bill (why object, because after all, it’s for the children?). Learn more and Take Action here. Once again, the GOA Update was about the special Election to fill Rob Portman’s seat, where GOA had endorsed Tom Brinkman. That just about covers it, but there were some other items as well. Listen.

June 12 – I started with a discussion of how World Trade Organization “free trade” really works (Hint: There’s nothing free about it). Bruce Shortt, author of the Harsh Truth About Public Schools, rejoined me with an update on his resolution for the Southern Baptists. This resolution called upon Southern Baptists, the largest protestant denomination in the U.S., to research how their local government school was handling the issue of homosexuality and that once they had the findings to present them to their local church and have a discussion about whether or not their kids should remain in those schools. He (reluctantly) shared how Baptist Press was engaged in a campaign to silence media coverage of the resolution, and how the President of the Convention opposed the resolution as well. I also defended the Read the Bill Act from a critic who said it was silly, but who had an even sillier idea. I have my own quote, voiced for the first time in this episode, “‘All or nothing’ in reality has become, ‘all nothing.’ We need evolution not revolution.” For the final time, the GOA Update was about the special Election to fill Rob Portman’s seat, where GOA had endorsed Tom Brinkman because the primary was a couple of days later. Listen.

June 19 – This was a banner show. First, I got my second caller in show history and as you’ll see in coming weeks, a trend of people actually listening seems to be occurring. Second, my network finally got my new ads in place. Through the show we talked about favorite media quotes, because the American Film Institute was going to be hosting a Top 100 TV show of famous quotes that week. I shared my favorite quote, but you’ll have to listen to find out what it is. Libertarian persuasion expert Michael Cloud joined me to talk about his new group, co-owned by Carla Howell, The Center for Small Government. Michael had joined me the night before as well when I guest hosted The Harry Browne Show for first time. Our primary focus was why small government was the right way to sell the message of liberty. The GOA Update came in two parts a) Tom Brinkman came in third place, sigh, and b) Larry Pratt on why Janice Rogers-Brown would be great choice for Supreme Court Justice (and I agree). Listen.

Jun 26 – Another banner show. Two callers one of whom is a famous radio talk show host (boy, this was a surprising thrill)! Ed Brayton joined me again to talk about the Supreme Court’s Kelo (eminent domain) decision. Also discussed Richard Durbin’s stupid comments (not stupid for the reasons GOP says they are). But where’s the outrage when Paul Harvey advocates nuclear bombing of the Middle East and apologizes for the ugliest parts of Manifest Destiny? This was some of my best radio work to date. I cannot imitate Paul Harvey’s voice, but I think I’ve got his cadence and some of his unique pronunciations down pat. Also there was a GOA Update about the Patriot Act Re-authorization and how this will negatively effect gun sellers and buyers. Listen.

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