Friday, April 22, 2005

RedState.org Spread's the Good Word

RedState.org has been a leader in the fight to stop expose the Federal Election Commission’s true intention to regulate the Internet. After Commissioner Brad Smith blew the initial whistle exposing the potential danger, much of the Internet was lulled to sleep by Trevor Potter, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, and the usual campaign finance suspects, Senators John McCain and Russell Feingold, along with Representatives Christopher Shays and Martin Meehan.

They said Smith was an alarmist, and that they had no designs on the Net. Besides, a judge was requiring them to come up with some kind of regulation, but we shouldn’t expect it to be bad.

RedState founder Mike Krempasky, who was a guest on my radio show last Sunday, didn’t buy it. And, for his tenacity, he was rewarded by becoming the recipient of a leak of an earlier draft of the regulations. It proved the aforementioned gang were liars -- the draft regs were simply draconian.

Well, now, RedState.org is leading the blogging community in the charge to pass the one-sentence long (mistitled), “the Online Freedom of Speech Act” (it should be the Online Freedom of Press Act, but I quibble). And they have helped the cause by pointing to my DownsizeDC.org campaign to lobby Congress for the Online Free Speech (Press) Act. As of 1:15 PM Eastern time this good Friday morning, about 2,650 letters have been sent to Congress via DownsizeDC.org.

Thanks Mike and RedState.org. (Mike's article was plugged on the mammoth Glenn Reynold's Instapundit blog).

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