Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My March 22 Posting

I owe you an apology. My March 22 posting (UPDATE: which has since been removed from this blog, but was about a neurologist who allegedly examined Teri Schiavo and said he could cure her if given the chance) should never have seen the light of day. I was duped. I'm sorry.

It’s disgusting. I’m really tired of the guys who are representing allegedly “Christian positions,” such as pro-life spokesmen, lying. (This blog item is too long, so a comprehensive list of liars will not be published today; stay tuned for future installments.)

In fact, it’s getting to the point that you can tell which guys belong to the Christian Right by how much they prevaricate. I want a different name for my faith in Jesus Christ than “Christian,” because “conservative Christians” like Pat Robertson just can’t seem to help themselves. They must stretch the truth or deceive. They must insist on double-standards.

You can simply scroll down and read my March 22 posting. But here’s the interesting point – the neurologist (Dr. William Hammesfahr) is lying about his credentials. And as of this writing, despite exposure, he’s still doing it at his website! But he was NOT nominated for a Nobel Prize.

What’s the significance of this? Virtually everyone working to get Terri’s feeding tube re-inserted was relying on this doctor as their “expert witness” in the court of public opinion. “After all,” they’d say, “a Nobel-prize nominated neurologist who examined Terri says he has revolutionary therapies that could help her lead a nearly normal life.”

If someone lies on their resume, they frequently lose their jobs. You can ask Sandra Baldwin or Ronnie Few what that’s like. Everything a "resume-padder" does from that point forward is called into question; and rightly so.

But even more amazing, Pat Robertson elevated Hammesfahr to Nobel Prize WINNING status. He did it on the 700 Club the night Terri Schiavo died and also on FoxNews.

I caught the opening segment of the 700 Club the night he did it. He was pretty wound up. Perhaps it was a slip of the tongue? But then he did it again on Fox.

So did he intend to lie? Apparently fabrication (I don’t want to say “lying,” because he might sue me like he did former Congressman Pete McCloskey, this being such a popular blog and all) isn’t new for Robertson.

“By their fruits…”

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Hi Jim,

You don't owe us an appolgy, Pat Robertson and the other "conservative" Christians in their positions do. This is so often the case of what they do. And, regarding Pat, well, I used to be a supporter of the 700 Club, but in light of a lot of recent activity by Mr. Robertson I've redirected that support into what I feel are far more frutiful pursuits. I'll be looking forward to your radio show.
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