Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Ten Commandments Goes to Court

Today, two cases are being heard by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the public posting of the Ten Commandments. And a column, by yours truly, titled, “Making Lemonade or Eating Bitter Fruit” was published at FreeMarketNews.com.

The principles addressed in this commentary include honesty, judicial restraint, and true federalism.

My op-ed points out that...
• Most Christian groups arguing their case and fighting the ACLU are guilty of “false swearing,” conceding the Lemon Test.
• One amicus brief is an exception -- telling the Justices they must abide by their oaths and reject both the Lemon Test and the temptation to grab more power in this matter. Wait until you see what they said!
• Christian groups shouldn't concede Constitutional principle for short-term gain or lie just to win their case.

You can discover a very simple definition of the Lemon Test, as well as learn why I suggested Christian groups are being less than honest in how they are arguing this case by reading the entire article.

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