Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Is George Bush more fiscally conservative than Democrats?

No, he's not. And Harry Browne, in his journal (located at his website, February 17th entry) demonstrates...

"The "small government' President: When George Bush ran for President in 2000, and again in 2004, he tried to make us believe in each case that his Democratic opponent was a big-spending liberal and that he — George Bush — was a proponent of small, limited government.

"He just submitted his 5th budget to Congress. Those five budgets have increased the size of the federal government by 38%. But after 8 years in the Presidency, Bill Clinton had increased the size of government by only 32%. "Small government" George is way, way ahead of "big government" Bill.

"You can't blame the recent increases on Congress, because George Bush still hasn't vetoed a single bill in over 4 years in office.

"Yes, Albert Gore and John Kerry are certainly liberals. But what is George Bush?"

Indeed, and why does he keep getting the support of people who are scared Democrats will expand the size of government?

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