Sunday, December 12, 2004

Can You Really Blame the Browns’ Defense?

Sure, the tackling is poor. But consider Buffalo, an excellent case study of the Browns last three weeks.

The longest time of possession for the Browns? 2:40, with five plays. Only one series had more, with seven plays, resulting in a punt.

Buffalo scored seven times. All were given up by the defense, but only two were legitimate, full-length, drives for scores. The others started at the Cleveland 47, Cleveland 23, Buffalo 48, Cleveland 6, and Cleveland 31.

Cleveland scored once. The defense intercepted the ball on the Buffalo 18. Two other times, the Browns were given the ball inside Buffalo territory and failed to convert.

By the end of the game, the Browns defense was worn out, allowing the Bills to go 13 plays for 61 yards, and surrendering a touchdown to the second-string offense.

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