Monday, November 08, 2004

Browns Hometown Coverage Misses the Call

The media in Northeast Ohio is missing the point. I think it’s too soon to call for Cleveland Browns’ coach Butch Davis to be fired. I loved the effort in Philadelphia. But the Sunday Night Baltimore Ravens game was lost due to coaching.

Various articles about the Baltimore game blame bad luck (i.e., injuries to Kellen Winslow, even “the Drive” – an event that happened more than 15 years ago). But every team has their problems – boo-hoo. Once the articles got to the real game analysis, the writers laid the fault in Baltimore on a shanked kick and a missed pass interference call.

Despite these events, they still should’ve won the game.

Why didn’t they report the number of false start penalties? …delay of game penalties? Way too many of these drive-killers.

Why not recount how, for the seventh time this season, our backs were joined in the backfield by the opposing team at the moment of hand-off, or as soon as Garcia completed his drop? Was it punter Derrick Frost or the zebra’s who allowed this?

Why not mention that the Browns coaching staff confines Garcia to the pocket until the fourth quarter and then, once he scrambles good things happen? You would think by week 8, they would recognize this. The offense has been bad in the first half in 7 of 8 games.

In the old days, lots of flags caused commentators to say, “That’s coaching.” Given that every one of these guys was chosen by the same guy who picks the depth chart and sets the game strategy, shouldn’t he be given responsibility?

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