Monday, October 25, 2004

James Leroy Wilson, a columnist for LewRockwell.com and The Partial Observer, explained to readers readers in his weekend column how to Get Through to Bush’s Christian Loyalists. Here's what he wrote...

"The case against Bush must come from a Christian, speaking as a Christian. Jim Babka comes to the rescue here, with a CD "Why Conservative Christians are Re-evaluating George W. Bush."

"Far from calling on Christians to vote Democrat, Babka lays out a tragic record of lies, hypocrisies, and cowardly acts by the President, including a sorry record that may most shock Bush’s core constituency on issues of gay rights, abortion, and religion itself. It is an excellent resource, primarily because it is spoken with passion and moral and logical clarity. Listening to the truth is more powerful than just reading it, and Babka hits it out of the park. Babka is more persuasive in his case against Bush than most of us can be. Real conservatives and Christian libertarians should take advantage in these last days before the election to listen to, learn from, and circulate Babka’s message.

"Many things in our country just continue to get worse and worse. They get worse under Democrats, they get worse under Republicans. The loyalty to the President is strong, and appeals to logic and reason won’t often suffice. Followers of the Bush Cult will not trust libertarian writers, or the mainstream media that bring tidings of great sadness. It’s all a conspiracy against morality, decency, and Christianity. They will need to hear, not read, but hear, the truth from a fellow Christian. I don’t know if there’s any other way."

Wilson's link to our CultureRepair.com website resulted in a one-day Alexa ranking of 39,998 with a reach of 20 per million Internet users. But that's not the best news. Orders were placed for a total of 357 CDs. I pray they all get listened to -- that they touch hearts and change minds.

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