Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush Abortion Funding Part 1

Another of my controversial statements on the new CD "Why Conservative Christians Are Re-evaluation George W. Bush is that he's really not pro-life. Virtually every Christian I meet balks at the suggestion. But now, according to CovenantNews.com, President Bush deceived Americans in the second presidential debate: taxpayers ARE funding abortions - with his signature on HHS Appropriations bills !

When responding to an audience question about taxpayers' money being used to support abortion during that debate, President Bush gave this response: "...My answer is, we're not going to spend taxpayers' money on abortion."

There are actually three ways that taxpayers' money IS being used to "support abortion."

1. President Bush is funding selected surgical abortions via Medicaid (Title XIX)

2. President Bush is funding chemical abortions via both Medicaid (Title XIX) and via the Title X birth/population control and Planned Parenthood funding program

3. President Bush is funding Planned Parenthood, the largest perpetrators of abortion in the United States (Planned Parenthood reports destroying over 200,000 unborn children annually by surgical abortion alone), through both Medicaid (Title XIX) and Title X, with OVER $50 MILLION per year through each program, for a total of OVER $100 MILLION per year, just through these two Planned Parenthood funding mechanisms

4. Furthermore, Title X birth/population control funding has INCREASED during the Bush administration, by MORE THAN $26,000,000 OVER THE LAST CLINTON BUDGET. Clinton's last budget allocated $254 MILLION in FY 2001. Bush's first budget boosted it to $265 MILLION in FY 2002. He upped it again to $280 MILLION in FY 2004.

Not only is this spending immoral, it's unconstitutional. This conservative, pro-life President's failure is all-the-more dramatic when you check out this chart.

Title X Funding History: FY 1998 to FY 2004

1. Clinton administration:
FY 1998 - Title X funding: $203 Million
FY 1999 - Title X funding: $215 Million
FY 2000 - Title X funding: $239 Million
FY 2001 - Title X funding: $254 Million

2. Bush administration:
FY 2002 - Title X funding: $265 Million
FY 2003 - Title X funding: $275 Million
FY 2004 - Title X funding: $280 Million
Source: CovenantNews.com

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